The Cup n Cake Factory

Nov 01

The Cup n Cake Factory

I should have made this particular post ages ago since I have been visiting this delightful place for a while now. My daughter (2.5 years old) loves these cup cakes. I have never been a cup cake person, but I LOVE these cup cakes. Everyone we have shared these cup cakes with, love these cup cakes. Well, now that I have gotten ahead of myself, let me step back and talk a little about the place.

The Cup n Cake Factory is located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. It is on the ground floor of Ninex Mart (that little shopping arcade next to the Fortune Hotel on Sohna Road). It is a very cheerful place, run by a very cheerful staff. And they make cup cakes (and some regular cakes). The setup is very pleasing and refreshing – you can see the kitchen behind a large glass pane and can actually watch them make the little pieces of delight.

My experience with the place

It has been great so far. The first time I got cup cakes from them, one of the flavors we chose was Caramel and Apple. Yum. But, when I got home, I realized that as delicious as the caramel was, it was a little too thick and thus when biting, it was making it hard to eat the cup cake. Well, the next time I was in their shop, I let the chef know of this. He immediately corrected the recipe, had me test it, and then fixed it (in the sense, that I have had that cup cake many times now, and it still has a thinner layer of caramel on it).

My only negative comment is that you should make sure that you get the fresh stuff from them. My wife bought a cake from them which had been baked the previous day and you could tell that it wasn’t the best thing that you ate that day. While whenever we have taken fresh cup cakes from them, we can easily say that it was the best thing we ate that day.

Their cup cakes come in a lot of flavors


There are tons of flavors to be had. Their most popular (and very delicious) is called Red Velvet. The way it works is that they have some standard flavors which are almost always available (unless they ran out that day) since they are baked daily. And then they have some special flavors which are only baked once in a while. They keep changing the special flavors.

All the flavors we have tried are good (and we have tried all of them). The toppings are always fresh. Everything is hand made in the kitchen (even the little bits of candy or whatever that is on top of the cream is made right there – I have seen them make it with my own eyes).

BTW, one cup cake is more than enough for anyone as they are very filling. Two would make a meal almost (perhaps with coffee). They are pricey, yes. But absolutely worth it. Where else in Gurgaon can I get such delicious cup cakes, made fresh, made hygienically, and within walking distance of where I live (that last one doesn’t matter, we would go to this place even if it was far away).

I recommend that you try this place at least once. And I bet you, you will come back again – these are that good. All this writing is making me want to go an buy some cup cakes right now.


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  7. Trisha /

    Cupcake factory is an amazing place…… Loved the pizza cupcake, the lime and rasberry topping cupcake, amazing stuff , sure to visit the place on a regular base as moving near by.

  8. Cup n Cake Factory is the best shop which have opened up on Sohna road. And Nadia is one of the best shop owner I’ve met till now in Gurgaon.
    The place is neat & clean, beautifully designed with a lot of love for cupcakes. And that love shows in the variety of cupcakes here. No matter what u opt for, whether its pizza cupcake ( my kids favourite ) , or chunky monkey , or red velvet , or strawberry, or whatsoever .. Everything is just SUPERB . This is my kids favourite place, and believe me no kid can go in this shop and come out without eating something.
    And as for Nadia, she is a fantastic lady, always ready to help, and welcoming any suggestions one has. I needed a pirate themed cake for my son’s theme party . When lots of cake shops refused to make anything other than their standard cakes & asked me to get a picture cake made, she went out of the way, searched for a pirate themed cake and made my son’s party a hit .
    So guys, this is a place worth trying. Although the price is a little on higher side but its worth it.

  9. Divya Dar /

    Also, love their Pizza cup cakes. The mix of slightly salty, chees-y topping on a sweet-ish cupcake tastes yum to me.

  10. Hi, I find your blog really useful. The reviews are well thought of, and I keep coming back to read about places that you recommend. Subscribing to your blog :)

  11. Their cup cakes are the level you would expect of a 5-star hotel.

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