Where to go for the best Ultrasound in Gurgaon

Update (Feb 10, 2015):

This article is really old of course (originally written on Feb 8, 2009), and since then there are now many more hospitals in Gurgaon each of which offers Ultrasound and many other diagnostic facilities. However, one thing has remained. My recommendation for the Best Ultrasound in Gurgaon remains the same: Dr. Girish Pandit. He is still the best in Gurgaon for this. Countless friends have visited him and have come back satisfied. My wife has been to him multiple times as well and have always come back satisfied.

By satisfied I mean that you don’t feel hurried; you feel that your questions are answered; you feel that you are in a professional environment and feel at ease; and you feel that the doctor is very competent.

Outside of his skill and professionalism, his clinic’s facilities are excellent too. His upgraded clinic has a very comfortable waiting environment. His staff is friendly. And the rooms where the ultrasounds take place are well done (compared to most hospitals where none of this exists). He has state of the art equipment.

So while the original article doesn’t hold much value anymore, the advice from it to visit Dr. Girish Pandit is still very much valid:

Dr. Girish Pandit is still the best bet for Ultrasound in Gurgaon.


Below is original article:

Till a few years ago, there were not too many options in Gurgaon when one needed to get an Ultrasound done. Today, that has changed; in fact there are too many options available now. So, here’s a quick guide to some of the ultrasound centers that we (me and my wife) have visited personally, and our impression of it.

All of the major hospitals and clinics in Gurgaon now have an ultrasound facility. Here are the ones that we have been to:

Apollo Clinic – there is usually a very long wait at the Apollo Clinic. First of all, you need to have an appointment, but despite the appointment, you may have to wait for a couple of hours. This is a result of mismanagement and also the fact that they have only one machine, so sometimes it needs to be used in emergency cases ahead of the appointment holders.

The waiting area is also quite cramped and small.

Max Hospital – we have used this one a couple of times. Once again, like all hospitals, this also gives preference to emergency cases. My wife had to go in once with an emergency, and she was able to get it done immediately.

Another time when she called for an appointment, she was told that there was no slot available for 3 days. The overall feel of the place is however better than Apollo.

Artemis Hospital – this is of course a super speciality center with state of the art facilities. The best thing about Artemis is that they have two independent Ultrasound rooms, and so there is always plenty of availability and you usually get an appointment without too much wait.

The one thing bad about Artemis is that, they are not sensitive to providing same gender doctor by default. My wife has visited the place multiple times, and once she was assigned a male doctor for a pregnancy ultrasound. We didn’t have a big problem with that, but I imagine a lot of people may have. The biggest thing is that, when we took the appointment, a lady doctor was mentioned on the actual appointment, but a male doctor was assigned instead.

All these big hospitals have one flaw however – they have a staff of doctors who operate the facility. So, there is no guarantee of getting the same doctors every time you go there.

Our Best Experience has been at a different facility altogether. We highly recommend a clinic called the Ultrasound Clinic (not very original, I know), which is run by one Dr. Girish Pandit. He is one of the most highly recommended doctors and we were referred to him from multiple gynecologists. He specializes in pregnancy related ultrasounds. The best thing about this place is that the Doctor himself is a very nice person, and has the quality which puts you at ease.

The clinic is located in Qutab Enclave market in DLF Phase I. You can only get in by appointment, but the good thing is that the appointments times are usually met, so you don’t have to wait too long.

If you have had any experiences with Ultrasounds in Gurgaon, please leave a comment.

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  1. I highly recommend Dr. Anmol Sethi. He has a clinic (Dr Anmols Ultrasound Clinic) in Nivarna Courtyard, Sector-50. I visited him for my pregnancy ultrasound. He is an excellent doctor very knowledgeable, experienced and friendly. I didn’t have to wait for long for my scan and reports.

  2. I find Malhotra Diagnostics in The Sapphire, Sector 49 Gurgaon really amazing. The centre is near South City 2 and Sohna Road. Simply to put it one line – the BEST ultrasound clinic in Gurgaon. I don’t think I need to write this as their quality of work speaks for them but still, the satisfaction I got from their service is worth mentioning. The radiologist is one the most competent female radiologist in Gurgaon. Very empathetic and polite. Simply excellent. Make pregnant women feel really cared for and comfortable. One of my colleagues had given me their reference. Everything was explained to me and my husband in such detail, as if we were the only ones there, despite a huge waiting queue outside. That’s because they simply do not rush through their work. Appointment can be booked on 0124-4268222 or 9899033304.

  3. My experience at Modern diagnostics for an ultrasound was also a really bad one. The staff is pathetic and the doctor even more. It was recommended to me from someone so i kept waiting that something would go right about it place. Firstly, the booked appointment was at 5:30 evening and the ultra sound was done around 7. Secondly, when the paper work was getting done, i was standing on the counter for the attendant to complete her paper work, right in the middle of everything she started gossiping and i had to literally tell her to please do my work first. Finally, the doctor, rude, unprofessional, really needs to learn some manners, treated the patient like she owns the place and my work is getting done for free.
    Not recommended at at all. Poor staff, poor writing skills, poor English, from my side 0 on 10

  4. Dr Punam Bajaj, who has set up The Ultrasound Center in 2012 and is now located at 716, Galleria has fast become the most preferred Womens’ Health Imaging Ultrasound expert in Gurgaon.

  5. I have had several pregnancies over the years, a couple successful. I visit Dr. Pandit every time I need an ultrasound (so over 20 USGs). I have never felt uncomfortable with him. He has a very professional approach towards his patients. He is a busy doctor but even though he has a clinic full of patients anytime you go, he never hurries you if you have questions.

  6. Hi friends, I have bitter experience of ultra sound at LAL’S PATH LAB at old DLF Gurgaon. The doctor who does the ultrasound does not bother to take the detail and depth scanning of object and pretends as over confident.
    I wasted my money at LAL’s Lab as I had to do it again at some other diagnostic center to get the detail and actual report.

  7. I found Dr.Pandit professionaly extremely efficient, with pleasing personality, manners, humility and cares for the patient. The charges are also very reasonable.He posseses all the three qualities of a good doctor; efficiency, humility and reasonable charges which is rarely found these days amongst the medical professionals.I strongly recommend his clinics.

  8. I got my follicular study done from Max Gurgaon yesterday for the first time. The report i received seemed to be very casual. It was not on max letterhead. It had no stamp/seal of Max hospital- very casual piece of paper. The radiologist did not write any notes on uterus size/ovary size or lesions. She did not even record LMP, Chlomiphene use. Only unreadable signatures of the radiologist. My previous two follicle studies were done at Medanta and each report was very formally and nicely written. I found that report very strange

  9. Hello,

    I agree with the comments about Dr. Girish Pandit. Excellent doctor and an amazing person. He is one of those doctors who really cares for their patients and treat them as humans. 10/10…for Dr. Girish Pandit.

  10. Dr Girish Pandit is excellent, wouldn’t change places or doctors for pregnancy ultrasounds for anything. I had an ectopic pregnancy scare and went to several doctors but he is the only one who diagnosed it properly and now I am 3 months pregnant. Best in Gurgaon!

  11. I went to Dr Girish Pandit for my first ultrasound too and liked his facility as well as his way of talking and explaining things. Also during my research for an ultrasound place, i found this website very helpful, so thanks for maintaining such a great resource.

  12. I would also recommend Dr. Girish Pandit. I have been getting my Ultrasounds with him and have had a great experience. He has a pleasing personality and takes time to explain. Although we had to wait for an 1 hr even with an appointment it was worth it 🙂

  13. I am a big fan of Dr. Mahajan. I have been to a couple of doctors but his ultrasounds and explanations are the most satisfying.

  14. I second Vaibhav’s and many others’ positive opinion about Dr.Pandit. In fact we have visited only one time for a second opinion, and he was too good in his work and the patience he shown in explaining the facts.

    I have another Ultrasound doctor to recommend as well. Dr. Mahajan who have his facility in Galleria. We have visited him several times and always have a satisfying scanning done, he explains every details and patiently answers all questions. Above all, he gives the report within 10 minutes which is quite good.

    1. I totally agree. If not for Dr. Pandit, even I would recommend Dr. Mahajan in Galleria. Incidentally, he happens to be the husband of one of the most popular pediatricians in Gurgaon – Dr. Shaguna Mahajan

    1. pls send me the email address and cell phone number of dr girish pandit. i was an old patient of him. i am from bangladesh.long time i dont have any contact with him. pls try to send dr girish pandit’s cell number and email id. my email address is asma71bd@yahoo.com

  15. Hi Guys .. My experiance to visit Dr. Pandit was very nice. He gave enough time for checking and answering all my questions. He is not only a good doctor also have a pleasing personality. I could not collect my report after ultrasound and visited to my gyne without report. during meeting the gyne we called up Dr Pandit , he was kind enough to attend the call and read our reports . what else you expect from a doctor in such monetary world.

  16. Hi guys,

    I am sorry but I had a complete different experience at the Ultrasound Clinic of Dr. Pandit: 2 hours waiting and a rather hasty ultrasound done. Dr. Jaideep gives much better service to pregnant ladies and other patients! I have three kids…

  17. Hey Vaibhav! I totally second your recommendation for Dr. Girish Pandit. I used to go to Sitaram earlier, but a friend recommended him and I went to him recently. Totally loved the doc! He’s so pleasant and has such a great manner. He took a lot of time to show us our little one and describe what we were seeing on the screen and answer all our questions. Another great doc in the same market complex (DLF Phase 1) is Dr. Jaideep. He’s also very pleasant – I haven’t been to him for a pregnancy u/s but my husband had to visit him for something and we were both very impressed with his detail, his manner, and his care for the patients.

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