Visit Sawasdee Thai Spa for your well-being

Update (July 2014): between when I wrote this post and today there was a period when the service quality and this spa had declined a fair bit (other pages on this site discuss this fact). Having said that, the current level of service is much better (I have visited this spa a few times in this year). They are better than 80-90% of the spas in Gurgaon, I would say (not that I have visited them all). My only complaint with them is that they are still very expensive (more so than almost every other spa in Gurgaon) – at the same time, they are usually booked all the time, which means that there is demand for their quality of services. My recommendation again with Sawasdee is: “Recommended”.

Sawasdee is a traditional Thai greeting which is equal to a ‘Hello’ or a ‘Namaste’. The word is actually derived from a Sanskrit word which means ‘well-being’. And a boost to your well-being is exactly what you get when you visit the Sawasdee Thai Spa at Ambi mall in Gurgaon. There are many Spas in Gurgaon (as I have written here) and some of them are fairly good (such as Oriental Senses). But the Sawasdee Thai Spa takes good to a whole new level – I am sure it is one of the best (at the moment) in all of Gurgaon, if not NCR. Here’s a quick review, and hopefully others who have visited will add to this by leaving comments.

Spa The Sawasdee Thai Spa is located in Ambience mall on the second floor (just below Rockman’s Beer Island). You can walk in to a nice snug reception and the folks behind the reception desk are very friendly and helpful. There is a menu of treatments and massages that you can choose from, and I chose to have something called the Lotus Signature Massage (it wasn’t really called this, but something similar) – this massage was a combination of Swedish style and hot compresses – it sounded good.

You have a choice of a male or a female therapist, with your choice not necessarily always available (a busy place this is). I waited for about 10-15 minutes while they prepared the room. In the meantime, they brought me a glass of water – this is important. Before any massage, you should drink water because a massage releases toxins into the blood stream, and if there is not enough water in your body to dilute and ‘wash-out’ the toxins, then you will end up with a headache after the massage (as the toxins hit your brain). It is very important to have water before and after your massage. And since I didn’t ask for the water, it shows that they know their business (not every spa I have been to does this).

Before you are led to your room, they get you to change into soft slippers (you leave your shoes at the reception where they are placed securely in a shoe rack behind the counter). The room was very nice – clean, softly lit, with a built-in shower area. The masseuse that was assigned to me was really strong. She gave my body a very nice workout and squeezed weeks worth of stress out of my body. I have to mention the quality of the place a little more in terms of cleanliness – I have visited other spas in Gurgaon (such as Body Spa) and sometimes felt very dissatisfied with the cleanliness of towels and sheets for the massage table. But this place I had no concerns (by the way, its new, so let’s see if they keep their quality up).

I felt very good after the massage, and I got the impression that the masseuse was a qualified professional who knew what she was doing. There was hot tea offered post massage, which is a great alternative to water for hydrating your body. I felt so relaxed that I started walking out without my shoes and would have if the receptionist hadn’t called out after me to remind me. Another point I noticed is that there was no external noise in the massage room. This is something that is good. I think its very important for the mind to relax as the body is being worked upon, and there should be no intrusion on your mind during this period. I often fall asleep during a good massage, and the same thing happened here.

Obviously, I recommend this place highly.

Now for the cost – this 90 minute massage cost me almost Rs. 3500 (they have an introductory discount going on). Needless to say, it is not cheap. However, if you compare this to places such as Body Spa (which cost almost as much and doesn’t provide a fraction of the quality that this place offers) and also the fact that it is situated in one of the best malls in Gurgaon, the price is reasonable.

Another thing to notice is that you might want to call up in advance to book an appointment. While I was waiting for my room to be prepared I saw a number of people who came and left disappointed because there was no open slot available. Their website is still under construction, but it tells you the number to call: +91 124 466 5454.

Have you visited Sawasdee? If yes, please leave your impression in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “Visit Sawasdee Thai Spa for your well-being”

  1. hi

    can we get a latest review about all spa again , as from the last review things have changed a lot .. it will be a great help for all

    1. Only if I visit them. I will have to visit them to review them, and it all comes down to time and money 🙂

      But, thanks for asking. A lot of updates for the reviews do come in through comments that people leave here.

  2. Tangerine spa are in plan to open spa in Jan 2011, i can assure u they are the best
    they are official therapist for google staff

    wait for some more time

  3. Many thanks Gurgaon Resident.

    I’m also looking around for Ayurveda Panchakarma, it would be great if you know of any to recommend. Thanks.

    1. Jain Yoga Center – 9911209911
      The instructor who used to come to our home was an MA in Yoga (and not
      just trained by Dr. Jain) – he opened his own center, Ashutosh Yoga
      center – 9958377685

      1. My wife actually stopped after she became pregnant, since we didn’t want to take any chances. But, you can find out. The price I don’t remember – but I remember that it wasn’t terribly expensive.

  4. If you want to try therapies other than Thai, checkout Blue Terra Spa @ Supermart-I, DLF IV. I loved their Balinese therapy, and for 1600 bucks it was worth every cent…

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