We may build the swankiest of malls, but…

Earlier this week, we had gone to watch a movie at the Ambience Mall (and as if the price wasn’t high enough, they have hiked the PVR Gold tickets to Rs. 750 a piece). Anyway, the movie was nice enough, but it all went downhill from there.

Personally I feel that Ambience Mall is the best one around in Gurgaon. It’s big, spacious, has a large variety of stores, has enough entertainment and food outlets, and is classy (which other mall has a BMW showroom in it?). But, then something would happen that reminds you that you are in India. Here’s what happened:

After the movie got over, we roamed around the mall just a little bit and then went to the elevator to go down to the parking (so that we could go home). We were on the 2nd floor.

We pressed the down call button on the elevator. The elevator came, and didn’t stop, and simply went on down. Well, I thought, it must have been full. Again I pressed the button, again I waited, and again it didn’t stop and simply went down. Hmm. Another couple was waiting with us and decided to take a quick peak from the side and saw that the elevator was completely empty.

This actually happened a third time (and by this time I had lost my cool). Normally, if this happens, I would simply walk, take the stairs or the escalator. That day, my wife wasn’t well and didn’t feel like walking a lot.

When the elevator finally came, I questioned the guard who was operating it for his behavior. He of course made excuses first about how it was full and all (which we knew he was lying about). When confronted, he said that his superiors had ordered him not to stop the elevator at any floor.

I asked my wife to wait in the car and asked him to call his superior. To make a long story short, this guy was acting on his own because someone from PVR had asked him to make sure that the elevator is on the 4th floor at a particular time. The reason? Some ‘VIP’ was going to get through watching a movie, and had asked to ensure that he doesn’t have to wait for the elevator.

The problem?

Well, aside from the fact that this shouldn’t happen in the first place, there is one thing mainly wrong with this: Customer Service. If the elevator was not going to be available for some time, the least that they should have done was let us know. All they had to do is put a ‘not-available’ sign on each floor for the duration of this.

That incident completely ruined our evening.

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